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How to Thrive Using Your Nonlinear Creative Thinking
By Jan Thomas

Most of us are busy with our lives. And thinking is just thinking. But is it? How we think defines the shape of our lives in significant ways. For those people who have a sense they think differently, who think creatively and use a nonlinear approach, knowing how they think is a critical step to opening a whole new way of being and experiencing life.

Thinking Differently is a groundbreaking guide for what it takes for nonlinear thinkers to thrive and excel in today’s world.

Are you wondering if you are a nonlinear thinker?

  • Do you find detailed lists and rules for being efficient confining and ineffective?
  • Do you want to understand the big picture before starting a project?
  • Do you solve problems by seeing patterns?
  • Do you see innovative solutions much faster than others?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you could be a nonlinear thinker with special, and probably unrealized, talents.

In Thinking Differently, Jan Thomas, invites you into the world of nonlinear thinkers through their fascinating and relatable stories. She combines findings in neuroscience with relevant real-world application to give you an easy to read guide packed with aha realizations and practical takeaways. Jan distills what it is to be a nonlinear thinker and how the brain plays a key role in the nonlinear experience.

You will discover:

  • What nonlinear thinking looks like
  • The four distinctions that set this thinking apart
  • The advantages and challenges
  • Why conventional strategies don’t work well for you
  • A unique set of proven FLEX℠ Strategies that leverage how your mind works
  • How to advocate for your specific needs to thrive and be successful

Here’s the guide you didn’t realize you needed to take full advantage of thinking differently.

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JAN THOMAS has over 25 years championing the power and practical application of nonlinear intelligence. She has worked nationally and internationally as an executive coach, consultant, and educator. Jan is the creator of The Thomas Indicator Profile® and the Insight Change Model℠ — innovative tools for bringing an understanding of human learning and relevant neuroscience together in transforming businesses and personal lives. Her work with clients ranges from Fortune 500 executives to visionary entrepreneurs and nonlinear individuals. Jan is the CEO of CereCore® Institute, specializing in services for nonlinear thinkers.